Christian Radio Stations in Wisconsin

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Find the top Christian radio stations in , Wisconsin so that you can listen to Christian music and teaching wherever you are. If you know of a Christian station in , Wisconsin that is not listed, please submit it for our review.

Radio Market Station Genre FCC Data
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Wisconsin Rapids WI WYNW 92.9 FM FCC Info
Wausau-Stevens Point (Central Wisconsin) WMMA 93.9 FM FCC Info
Wausau-Stevens Point (Central Wisconsin) WCLQ 89.5 FM FCC Info
Tomahawk WI WLBI-LP 107.1 FM FCC Info
Sturgeon Bay WI WPFF 90.5 FM FCC Info
Sturgeon Bay WI WRGX 88.5 FM FCC Info
Sheboygan WSTM 91.3 FM FCC Info
Salt Lake City WMWK 88.1 FM FCC Info
Milwaukee-Racine WVCF 90.5 FM FCC Info
Milwaukee-Racine WGLB 1560 AM FCC Info
Milwaukee-Racine WRRD 540 AM FCC Info
Milwaukee-Racine WZRK 1550 AM FCC Info
Milwaukee-Racine WJYI 1340 AM FCC Info
Milwaukee-Racine WVCY-FM 107.7 FM FCC Info
Milwaukee-Racine WFZH 105.3 FM FCC Info
Milwaukee-Racine WVCY 690 AM FCC Info
Milwaukee-Racine WPJP 100.1 FM FCC Info
Milwaukee WI WVCX 98.9 FM FCC Info
Milwaukee WI WEGZ 105.9 FM FCC Info
Milladore WI WGNV 88.5 FM FCC Info
Madison, WI WIXL-LP 97.1 FM Contemporary Christian FCC Info
Madison WNWC-FM 102.5 FM FCC Info
Madison WJWD 90.3 FM FCC Info
Madison WHFA 1240 AM FCC Info
Madison WNWC 1190 AM FCC Info