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Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace

God, Sex & You! with Dustin Daniels

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The Sex Spiral: Forgiven & Free From Pornography
The Sex Spiral: Forgiven & Free From Pornography

There is a direct correlation between the confusion and apathy within our Churches and the pandemic of pornography in our pews. Unfortunately, the statistics are too big to quote and we don’t believe them when we do.  How is it possible that so many Christians are addicted to pornography? Isn’t Jesus enough? Why are we still being tempted with lust? What’s wrong? What’s missing?The Sex Spiral: Forgiven & Free From Pornography is a plan to experience not only the forgiveness of Jesus Christ but also the freedom He promises. Dustin Daniels shares stories from his own life, Biblical theology, along with the practical application that will teach you God’s design for sexuality, the triggers that lead to porn addiction, and most importantly how to exit the Sex Spiral itself with a purity plan for your life.