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The Body You’ve Always Wanted
The Body You’ve Always Wanted

And Other Great Surprises You’ll Find in Heaven!If you think Heaven is a misty place where you float around on clouds and pluck angelic harps, you’re in for the surprise of your life!Discover the body you’ve always wanted – a spiritual, resurrected body!Marvel at the Biblical imagery of Heaven’s glorious grace!Be assured that God isn’t going to scrap you or the world – He’ll make all things new!Overcome the gnawing anxiety about the end of your life – you can have peace now!Pastor Alan Wright’s four hope-filled messages will lead you into more than a joyous revelation of Heaven according to the scriptures; they’ll lead you into abounding hope. Message 1: Sneak Previews: It’s Better Than You ThinkMessage 2: The Body You’ve Always Wanted: The Promise of ResurrectionMessage 3: The New Heaven and the New EarthMessage 4: Death Be Not Proud: Overcoming the Fear of Death