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Moment of Insight: The Message Promise Book Series
Moment of Insight: The Message Promise Book Series
Moment of Insight:

Back in 2005 I purchased a few copies of a little book The Message Promise Book. At the time, I was working as a night watchman in a large retail facility near my home. During the night…when I had a lot of quiet time I would work on the preparation of new MMI programs and often read aloud from God’s Word. I recall taking a “Promise Book” with me to work and one evening…I began to read the selections under ever so many brief but poignant headings…. Ambition..Greed…Love..Gossip..Self Image…Seeking God….and so on.

The experience was energizing and I started to read aloud. Soon I was standing up and reading with great passion. The whole room came alive with the sound of God’s Word and I, too, was deeply moved by His presence. Right then the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and I KNEW the power of reading His Word aloud must be transferred into a dynamic series of narrated MMI radio programs with music.

As I was selecting the program order and songs one evening, a neighbor came by my residence to visit briefly and while there expressed his interest in The Message Promise Book. He had been troubled for some time by depression and was searching for some light in his life.

After reading a section of the book he asked to borrow it for further use. I gave him a new copy that I had on hand and he left. As weeks went by we often discussed the book and God’s word…..and near the end of 2007 he came to me and shared the good news that he had asked JESUS to come into his life as LORD ….that very day. Praise God!

It took more than a year to arrange permission of use from NavPress but by August of 2007 the series was on the radio here in Canada.

Now.. the series is being heard around the world and is featured on 3 beautiful CD’s. I pray you will be inspired by these messages.


Jonathan Urie