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Fuel for Life Outreach
Fuel for Life Outreach

A $25 GAS CARD SEEMS INSIGNIFICANT BUT, IN THIS SITUATION, IT CAN MEAN LIFE or DEATH! A 17-month old little girl diagnosed with cancer was brought in as an out-patient to have her chemotherapy treatment at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital.  She and her mother leave for the hour and a half trip back home.  The little girl starts to feel sick from the treatment and her mother turns around and heads back for the hospital again, only to run out of gas half way there. She only had enough money for the trip back home. Frantically she calls the hospital and explains the situation.  They had to call a taxi to pick her up.   This isn’t a monthly visit to the hospital, it’s a daily visit for a week, two, three or even more.   More times than not, the hospital isn’t a local hospital.  Not all hospitals provide the treatments needed. We now serve: Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, Orlando Fl., Nemours Children’s Hospital, Nona, Fl., East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Knoxville, TN., University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, PA., Mission Children’s Hospital, Asheville, NC.  You may choose your choice of hospitals shown.