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I Love You Greater than Space!
I Love You Greater than Space! By chance? No, by God's grace, two worlds converge. Synchronicity. An English Oxford don and a southern Christian writer meet at Monteagle Sunday School Assembly, located on the Cumberland Plateau. Both are wounded. Both are healing. Duncan is a widower. Lucy is a divorcee. From the first moment of their introduction by his daughter, there is a strong, but timid attraction. She has learned that Lucy annually makes a retreat to St Mary's, an Anglican Convent in Freeland, England. This tiny village is located a mile and a half away from their home in Long Hanborough.

It takes two months before their first date, then two months before they marry. "On the second 'Lunaversary' of our first date, we were on our Honeymoon in Paris!" becomes one of Duncan's favorite proclamations. They are called "the love birds". Family and friends rejoice for all sense their effervescent love. 

Once again, Lucy and Duncan are summering at Monteagle. The Assembly 's season is coming to an end. After a grand day of activities, they go to bed. In the middle of the night Duncan awakes. He sits up in bed, takes a deep breath and waves his arms as if swimming, then he is still. He dies instantly from a massive heart attack. His last words are "Grateful! Grateful!" Lucy and Duncan are married 623 days. 

The book contains 3 parts. The 1st deals with Lucy's and Duncan's courtship and marriage. The last deals with Lucy's mourning. Both parts are written in Haiku poetry to express her thoughts more succinctly. The middle section is a story for children to help them deal with death. It is illustrated by Mary Barwick. 

Duncan and Lucy's love story becomes the reader's love story and strongly proclaims the eternal truth that because of the Lord, "Love never ends."