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Radical Faith - Part One

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Radical Faith Scripture Cards
Radical Faith Scripture Cards

Re-energize your faith with the BRAND-NEW ‘Radical Faith’ Bible Memorization cards!Do you feel like you are sometimes just going through the motions? Not really putting your heart into what you are doing? The world needs radical believers who live the way God intended for us to live! We want to help you re-energize your faith and live rooted in God’s unconditional love with the BRAND-NEW set of 52 bible Memorization cards built around Pastor Rick’s “Radicalis: Developing Spiritual Roots” series. We’ll send you these scripture cards to say thanks for your generous gift to Daily Hope today. So request your cards below when you give today to share the Gospel of Christ so that others can live rooted in his love. ***These cards fit in the Scripture Box found on Box is not included in this offer. Please call our team at 1-800-600-5004 to order your Scripture Box.