In this touching video, the One Voice Children’s Choir sings ‘Good Job’ by Alicia Keys as a tribute to all the COVID-19 heroes.

“Six in the morning, as soon as you walk through that door
Everyone needs you again, the world’s out of order
It’s not as sound when you’re not around
All day on your feet, hard to keep that energy, I know
When it feels like the end of the road, you don’t let go, you just press forward”

In the video, there are scenes of essential workers, parents working from home, and teachers. And the kids in the video are doing what they can to encourage these adults in their life. It is so touching and heartwarming!

“The mothers, the fathers, the teachers that reach us
Strangers to friends that show up in the end
From the bottom to the top, the listeners that hear us
This is for you, you make me fearless”

All of the kids in the One Voice Children’s Choir have such wonderful voices, and it is so sweet to hear them sing the words of this song as a tribute to those adults working so hard during COVID-19.

“Thank you so much to our first responders, our health care workers, our moms and our dads, our teachers who’ve helped us so much,” the children in the choir say at the end of the video. “We know it’s been hard but thank you.”

“The message behind the song and especially hearing all the choir kids singing it together made me smile, really important during these times,” writes one person on YouTube. “You’re all amazing, thank you for being here.”

“I’m literally crying my eyes out now. Being an essential worker who has worked during the shutdown, this video has given me so much light,” comments another person online. “Times are very hard right now but we all just need to keep our heads up because we will get through this. So, on behalf of all of us essential workers, I want to say thank you for this amazing vid