Beloved singer Michael Buble’ doesn’t hold any punches when he talks about the liver cancer diagnosis that his son, Noah, received in 2016. “It sucked, and it still sucks. Because what we went through was the, capital ‘T-H-E’, the worst possible thing that you could hear as a parent and maybe as a human being. I much rather that it had been me. There were many times that I wish it had been.”

Michael was raw and real as he shared just how down he was during this terrible time in his life, confessing that there were days he could barely get out of bed. “There were a million times that my wife and I were just surviving. Struggling to survive and to breathe, and more times than people could understand, some days when we wish we didn’t wake up.”

But one thing gave him the strength to truly push through and be there for his son. The power of prayer. He could feel the prayers pouring over his family from complete strangers who cried out to God for Noah’s healing. “We felt the love of those people. We knew they were praying for us. We knew there was goodness out there. It gave us faith in humanity. It was just massive.”

The news anchor switched to a happier topic, pointing out how many people think of Christmas music when they think of Michael Buble. The star responded that he would have predicted that. He shared that his love of Christmas and that season’s music was so authentic, pure and real that it makes sense to him that this is what he would be best known for.

When the host pressed Michael to admit his success, Michael was very quick to point out that fame is not what matters to him at all. The crooner shared that as he sat in the hospital after receiving his son’s diagnosis, “I remember how clear things became to me. And part of that clarity was I promised myself that I never wanted evil, or that narcissistic part of this business is, I couldn’t stomach it anymore. I know that life was too short. And I couldn’t possibly digest any more of it. I never ever