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God Is Love: Reflections on the Character of God
God Is Love: Reflections on the Character of God

A soldier in World War I referred to Oswald Chambers as “a detective of the soul.” Chambers, a British minister, had a way of seeing right into the heart. He deeply ministered to men and women who were shattered by the war. He said, “Whatever you’ve lost faith in, do not let this faith slip from you—that God is love.” In the Discovery Series booklet titled, God Is Love: Reflections on the Character of God, Chambers reminds us that love is not an attribute of God. Instead love is God. When friendships are violated, or when wicked people seem to win the battle, it’s easy to get cynical or look for ways to even the score. The booklet, God Is Love, encourages us to do two things: to receive and to give God’s love … no matter our circumstances. Though written a century ago, his timeless wisdom applies to our generation today!To view this booklet online, or to download the PDF at no cost or obligation, click here.