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Jealousy, Part 1

The Winning Walk with Dr. Ed Young

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Discover the key to unconditional happiness!
Discover the key to unconditional happiness!

The Beatitudes from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount are foundational to experiencing authentic peace, joy, and happiness in the Christian life. That’s why Dr. Young titled his new CD series about the Beatitudes, Happy People. This 6-message series explores how the truths of Matthew 5 can lead you to unconditional happiness and fulfillment in life. We want to send you a copy of Happy People to thank you for your gift to share the proven truth of God’s Word through The Winning Walk this month. So request yours below when you give today. Thank you for your support. We pray that as you apply each Beatitude in your life, you’ll embrace the Kingdom of heaven as your own and experience more of God’s unconditional happiness!