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Better Prayer
Better Prayer

Where do you turn when you need help? It’s a great question because the truth is, we all need help. No matter how spiritual or “put together” we may appear, none of us can do it alone. This is why prayer should be the very first option for the believer. Prayer is your direct link to God, giving you access to Him anytime day or night!    I hope you understand that this is real, practical, life-changing stuff we’re talking about for every person in every stage of life. There is power in prayer, and if you’ll determine to go to God first when facing a decision, obstacle, or challenge, you’ll be blown away by what God will do. These resources will help you go after prayer—bringing it back to its priority position in your life.—James MacDonaldRequest the Better Prayer step-by-step guide book from Pastor James MacDonald for your gift of any amount to the ministry of Walk in the Wor