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The Most Important Thing in Life, Part 2

The Road to Reality - Weekend with Dr. K.P. Yohannan

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Christmas Critter Campaign
Christmas Critter Campaign

For many in Asia, Christmas is a very different reality than ours. They’ve never heard the story of the Savior that came in human form, and they don’t have a turkey on their table. In fact, many would love to just have food on the table on a regular basis. You can join us in changing their lives by choosing to donate through our Critter Campaign!You see, to the needy in Asia, a gift like a chicken, or even a pig, means food and a way to provide for their family. The amount of eggs chickens can produce means a steady meal for a family and we all know the joy of a good fried egg. Pigs will multiply and the piglets can be sold and bring income. All at the same time, opening the door for the Love of Christ to be shared! You can check out these gifts and more by clicking the link below!So, do more this Christmas. Celebrate Christ AND Transform Lives!