The Road to Reality - Weekend

Avoiding Cynicism, Part 2

The Road to Reality - Weekend with Dr. K.P. Yohannan

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Bridge of Hope Sponsorship
Bridge of Hope Sponsorship

Many communities in Asia have toiled hard for generations simply to survive. Some men and women haven’t had the privilege of pursuing an education themselves, and they are helpless to give one to their children. But God loves these children deeply, and He is working in part through GFA’s Bridge of Hope Program to give them a chance for a better future. The program helps the children with their education so they can one day get a good job and afford sufficient food, decent clothing, medical supplies and other necessities of life for themselves and for their families. Beyond this, Bridge of Hope provides the children with opportunities to pursue and even excel in their God-given skills and interests. You can make an incredible difference in the lives of children and their families through GFA’s Bridge of Hope Program. For each $35 monthly pledge you make, you’ll receive the photo and personal information of a child you can pray for and write letters to.