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The Last Supper: The Meal That Heals by Sharon Hardy Knotts
The Last Supper: The Meal That Heals by Sharon Hardy Knotts

God commanded this feast of the lord to be kept yearly. For over 30 years Jesus celebrated Passover like every good Jew. But on the night of His betrayal, He transformed Passover of the Old Covenant to Communion in the New and sealed it with His blood. When they lifted the bread and cup to their lips, His disciples did not understand they were eating and drinking the body and blood of Christ. It was later revealed to Paul by Jesus. Jesus is our Passover Lamb. We don’t need to eat lamb yearly, because Jesus was sacrificed once for all. But we must eat the unleavened bread & grape juice which represent His broken body at the whipping post and His blood on the cross. If we don’t, Jesus said, “You have no life in you.” Today, many take Communion casually, not properly observing is sanctity and supernatural power. Learn 3 ways one can partake “unworthily.” Instead of healing and life, they eat & drink damnation. Discover the significance of the unleavened bread and unfermented juice of the New Covenant and tap into its healing power and divine protection. Jesus said, “Healing is the children’s bread,” and He gave His body to be broken for our healing. It is literally “The Meal that Heals”! Dozens of revelatory nuggets await you in this comprehensive teaching. You will never see Communion the same way again! Celebrate it this Easter in a brand new light!