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The Crucifixion Conspiracy
The Crucifixion Conspiracy

Israel's Exodus from Egypt was so monumental, God gave them a new calendar to mark the occasion, and the first feast day on the calendar was Nisan 10. On this day every house selected a perfect, year-old male lamb to be offered on Passover four days later. Fast-forward 4000 years to Nisan 10 in Jesus’ day. While all over Jerusalem families chose their lambs, Jesus was being led into the city on a donkey with multitudes waving palm branches, rejoicing: “Hosanna to the Son of David!” They did not realize God was choosing His final Lamb on that Palm Sunday. The next four days developed into the most notorious conspiracy the world has ever known. There were many players on that stage of infamy: the religious council with the high priest, false witnesses, Pilate, Herod, soldiers, and Judas. Each had a significant part in condemning the Son of God, much of which was necessary to fulfill the protocol of offering the Passover Lamb. A question often asked: Who was responsible for crucifying Jesus? Discover startling answers to this and little known, fascinating facts that surround this Passover plot with intrigue and surprise: Why did the priests want Pilate to change the inscription on Jesus’ cross? The acrostic it formed in Hebrew rocked their world!