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You Can Trust the Bible (Booklet)
You Can Trust the Bible (Booklet)

Have you ever considered just how much is riding on your assumption that the Bible you read, study, and take to church is completely accurate?

The Bible claims to hold the keys to the origin of the universe, to give insight into God's character, to delineate right from wrong, and most important, to offer the only possible way to know God, have forgiveness, and get into heaven. The Bible is the foundation on which every major tenet of our faith is built.

But what if we're wrong about the Bible—what if the Bible isn't error-free or 100% accurate? How can we know God's Word is what it claims to be? How can we have confidence in Scripture when modern scientific discoveries clearly seem to contradict it?

In You Can Trust the Bible, John MacArthur answers those questions as he presents clear, convincing arguments for the reliability of the Bible. You'll learn about fantastic scientific truths spoken by the Bible's writers long before modern scientists discovered them. You'll see how several prophecies were fulfilled. And John will examine Psalm 19, which details what God's law is and what it can do for you when you submit to it.

The Bible is a living, dynamic book with the power to change lives—including yours. You can trust the Bible, and John MacArthur will show you why.