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Unleashing Heaven’s Breath & Glorifying God Through the Miraculous (Book & 3-CD Set)
Unleashing Heaven’s Breath & Glorifying God Through the Miraculous (Book & 3-CD Set)

Not everyone is flowing in God’s miracle-working power. Where’s the disconnect?Steve Hannett experienced a miracle healing of cancer! The earth-shattering diagnosis helped him discover the ancient key to unlocking heaven’s miraculous power when he prayed to God, “Teach me!” Steve says that we are no longer waiting for God, but God is waiting for us! Learn to:• Experience the Bible: Do you feel confused and disconnected when you read Scripture? Renew your confidence.• Believe for the miraculous: Regain your certainty in God’s willingness and power to do the impossible.• Upgrade your Christian life: Step into the power and freedom that comes with allowing the Holy Spirit to move through you.When you order these revelation-packed tools, you will receive Steve’s new 3-CD Set: Glorifying God Through the Miraculous and his new book, Unleashing Heaven’s Breath.Steve has a passion to equip and teach believers that anyone, anywhere can be healed of anything if they would simply believe and receive the healing Word of God. He wants you to receive a fresh revelation of the power of God’s Word in your home, marriage, job, mind and emotions. Unlock the supernatural and apply it to your whole life!Steve Hannett is the founding Pastor of Jesus Reigns International and Abundant Grace Christian Church, located in Rutherford, NJ. Steve has a heart to see God’s apostolic vision through Jesus Christ fulfilled in every way.