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God Secrets (Book, Workbook & CD) by Shawn Bolz
God Secrets (Book, Workbook & CD) by Shawn Bolz

God wants you to know His secrets. It will change you and the world around you.God knows the secrets of every living soul, and He willingly shares them to bring salvation and closer relationship. God makes His secrets discoverable to every seeking believer walking in a close relationship with Him. Shawn Bolz’ latest book, God Secrets, shows you how that relationship works. Shawn opens the door for you to:Gain access to God’s deep knowledge and wisdomShare the ways of God’s higher mindsetInspire and empower others with God’s thoughts and dreamsUse words of knowledge in authentic, everyday lifeDemonstrate God’s love for others, and you Shawn’s book, workbook and CD lay out his understanding of the spiritual gift of word of knowledge in an inspiring and relatable way. He has years of experience. Are you still waiting?