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God is Good (Book, Interactive Guide, 2 DVDs & Guide)
God is Good (Book, Interactive Guide, 2 DVDs & Guide) God Is Better Than We Think… “God is good.” What you do with these three words defines your reality and determines your destiny. What you believe about God’s goodness reveals how you will respond to trials and circumstances. In everyday life, your view of God impacts everything! Respected pastor and author Bill Johnson presents a new groundbreaking series that has become the cornerstone of his theology. He calls believers to build their lives on one unshakeable foundation: the assurance that God is good. Bill says you must be grounded in your understanding. He wants you to learn how to: Stand for breakthrough, believe for miracles and have faith for God to move Find rest…even when prayers aren’t immediately answered Discern the difference between the will of God and the enemy’s plans Encounter Jesus Christ as the One Who reveals a good Father So check yourself. Are you sure? “God is good.” Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. Together Bill and his wife serve a growing number of churches that have partnered for revival. This leadership network has crossed denominational lines, building relationships that enable church leaders to walk successfully in both purity and power. Bill and Brenda (Beni) Johnson are the senior pastors of Bethel Church, Redding, California.