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Devil-Proof Your Family (Book & Two 2-CD Sets)
Devil-Proof Your Family (Book & Two 2-CD Sets)

In Devil-Proof Your Family authors Ken and Trudi Blount explain what the Bible says about how to keep the devil out of your home. Their book gives specific Bible-based strategies that will empower you to:Develop the mindset of a warrior parent/spouseSafeguard your home from cultural anarchyPosition your marriage for blessing in unity with your spousePartner with the Holy Spirit to raise Godly children Stop “wishing for” and take action — you have the ability to dismantle the enemy’s plans and see victory in your family.The Blounts include two specific resources to strengthen your resolve — Devil-Proofing Your Children and Devil-Proofing Your Marriage. Both are 2-CD sets.The Spirit and the Word of God are more than enough to take on the culture of the world. It does not matter that the devil doesn’t fight fair. You have the unfair advantage! You are seated in Heavenly places, and in unity you will put him to flight. Why not start today?Ken and Trudi Blount have been in ministry for over 30 years. They have a passion to share godly wisdom and practical experience to see families succeed in today’s culture.