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Karen Dunham Breakthrough Package (Book & 3-CD Set)
Karen Dunham Breakthrough Package (Book & 3-CD Set)

Karen Dunham Works in the Lion’s Den — the 27 Palestinian Refugee Camps of Israel.This book & 3-CD set tells the story of Karen Dunham’s miracle adventure with God. Finding her life shipwrecked, she ended up with the Mafia trying to kill her and her son. Just in time Karen and her son, Blake, met Messiah Jesus. The King came into her life with radical encounters and He quickly took her from being His servant, to being a lover of her Creator.Through this unexpected love of God, Karen and Blake started Living Bread International Church. The journey has brought them through many challenges, and surviving the Mafia proved just a beginning. Ministering the gospel in Israel, they faced multiple fire bombings by extremist Muslims, a car bombing and even saw Blake miraculously resurrected from the dead. Recently, her church in Jerusalem was badly damaged and its contents burned.Karen is still standing, and she shows how you can meet fear head-on and get your breakthrough. Karen’s 3-CD set includes:• Stand, All Is Well!• Equipped for Breakthrough• The Sign of JonahMuch like in the Book of Acts, Karen introduces you to THE God of Breakthrough who moves in power today. She also shows you how to face adversity, declare “All is well” and see God move on your behalf.Karen Dunham ministers the gospel in Jerusalem and the Palestinian refugee camps of Israel.