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Healing and the Prophetic Package (3-CD Set & Book)
Healing and the Prophetic Package (3-CD Set & Book)

As the Spirit MovesWhy has God put Hank Kunneman and Richard Roberts together? Because God’s heart is to heal but His healing moves as the Spirit wills. You can learn to discern and move with the Spirit!In this exclusive 3-CD series, Healing and the Prophetic, Hank Kunneman brings the revelation and Richard Roberts stirs up God’s healing compassion — the same compassion that moved in Jesus is available to you! Together they bring you:• What Does a Nation Look Like Filled with Glory? (Kunneman)• A Throne Room Perspective of the NOW! (Kunneman)• Miracles are Coming Toward You or Going Past You Every Day (Roberts)The Wind of God in Your Mouth. (Book) Hank Kunneman also shares his insights into how to declare prophetically with the same wind of God that first moved in Adam. He encourages you to learn to discern and operate out of the four winds of prophecy. Hank says the Spirit will teach you and God will use you. Discover the wind of God in your mouth!Hank Kunneman is cofounder of One Voice Ministries and pastor of Lord of Hosts church in Omaha, Nebraska. He is an accomplished author and teacher, ministering nationally and internationally.Richard Roberts ministers God’s Word and moves in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the word of knowledge. Hundreds and thousands have received healings and miracles as he ministers.