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Driven by Eternity, Affabel & Called (Book, 3-CD Set & CD)
Driven by Eternity, Affabel & Called (Book, 3-CD Set & CD)

How Your Choices Shape Your DestinyDriven by Eternity. (Book) What if you learned you were part of an experiment where the next 24 hours would determine the quality of the rest of your life? How would you approach those 24 hours? Would you be intentional, or would you leave things to chance and hope for the best?This idea might seem far-fetched, but it isn’t. In fact, it closely resembles how your choices today will impact your destiny forever.In Driven by Eternity, author John Bevere uses an eye-opening allegory and Scripture to paint a vivid picture of the way your earthly choices shape your eternal existence. John says everything changes when you find God’s plan for your life and pursue it for all you are worth!Affabel. (3-CD Set) John Bevere’s epic audio theater Affabel opens a window to what lies beyond your present reality. You will meet the majestic King Jalyn, the dark lord Dagon, Charity, Independent, and others as you explore the wondrous lands of Affabel. You will be challenged as the characters reveal what lies within your own heart.Called. (CD) God wrote a story about you before your life began, and He longs to see you live this story well. In this message, John Bevere shows how your unique contribution is critical to the construction of God’s house. You have been uniquely called. How will you respond?John Bevere and his wife Lisa are the founders of Messenger International. A minister and best-selling author, John delivers messages of uncompromising truth with boldness and passion.