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Days of Heaven on Earth Package (2 Books & CD)
Days of Heaven on Earth Package (2 Books & CD)

Learn how to literally bring Heaven to Earth.In 1992, Kevin Zadai died and had a powerful encounter with Jesus in heaven! Through his two books, Days of Heaven on Earth and Heavenly Visitation, and his anointed CD, How to Bring Heaven to Earth, Kevin shares revelation straight from Jesus to prepare you to walk in the supernatural and teaches you how you can experience your own visitations from Jesus. Jesus said those who read these books will receive a spiritual impartation from heaven. God did not release Kevin to speak these revelations openly until the “time was right.” That time is now. As you read, there will be deposits from heaven downloaded into your life.Every believer can benefit from Kevin’s face-to-face revelation from heaven on how the invisible world operates. God wants every willing believer equipped for this last great harvest. The harvest around you is truly plentiful but the workers are few.Now, like Kevin, you can be equipped to move in the supernatural in your daily life — speaking with greater spiritual authority out of greater intimacy with God. This offer includes Kevin’s soaking music CD Warrior Notes, the perfect companion to walking in spiritual authority.Kevin Zadai is a licensed pilot who God told to be a flight attendant. Today he works for a major airline, is a former employee-of-the-year and ministers to its passengers daily, carrying the Glory of God as he goes.