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Luke Reports: Child of the Promise, Episode 2

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Radio Theatre: The Life of Jesus (Digital)
Radio Theatre: The Life of Jesus (Digital) In first century Palestine, the physician Luke is on a mission to save the life of his friend Paul. His task: chronicling the life of a carpenter's son from Nazareth named Jesus. Luke searches for firsthand witnesses to the miracles and controversies surrounding the man they call the Christ. Luke's travels take him through violent roads, and he encounters his own miracles along the way. Be an eyewitness to Luke's quest for the truth.

Radio Theatre takes advantage of award-winning voice actors, orchestral musical scores, motion-picture quality sound design, and riveting scripts to unveil finished products that have earned such coveted awards as the George Foster Peabody, the Audie Award, and the Parent's Choice Award to name just a few. Radio Theatre isn't just storytelling. It's not a book-on-tape. It's a movie that plays on the biggest screen of all your imagination.