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Peter: A Fragile Stone DVD
Peter: A Fragile Stone DVD The apostle Peter was a deeply emotional and impulsive man. And yet while Jesus often rebuked him, he also fully embraced him—in fact, Peter was Jesus’s closest friend! In the Day of Discovery four-part DVD series called … "Peter: A Fragile Stone," you’ll be treated to an up-close and personal look at Peter’s life. Dove-award winning singer and author Michael Card serves as your knowledgeable tour guide in Israel where we’ll follow in Peter’s footsteps—seeing where he fished for fish … and later, fished for men! This journey back in time is made even more powerful by Michael’s warm, folksy performance of songs like "Sea of Souls" and "Mourning the Death of a Dream." It’s a rich, multi-sensory experience that will open your eyes—and heart—to see Peter in a whole new way. To receive the "Peter: A Fragile Stone" DVD, fill out the form to the right. Or if you prefer to request this resource by mail, print the form and send it with your gift to: Discover the Word Dept. R Grand Rapids, MI 49555