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In Pursuit of Paul DVD
In Pursuit of Paul DVD

Apart from Jesus, no one had a greater influence on the founding of Christianity than the apostle Paul. As a missionary, he carried the radical news of the cross to the Roman Empire. In addition, Paul’s thirteen letters of the New Testament established core beliefs for the new churches and revealed his passion for Jesus as Christ, Lord, God, and Savior.What motivated Paul? Why did he feel compelled to share the gospel? This seven-part documentary called “In Pursuit of Paul” is hosted by New Testament scholar, Dr. Constantine Campbell, and is filmed on location in Israel, Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, Malta, and Italy. In this revealing seven-part journey, you’re invited to follow the footsteps of the courageous first-century torchbearer whose passion for Jesus Christ impacted generations to come.  Request the DVDs by clicking the link to the right, or send your request by mail to:Discover the WordDept. RGrand Rapids, MI  49555