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Our Daily Bread Prayer Journal
Our Daily Bread Prayer Journal

Several times in the Gospels, we observe Jesus retreating to spend quiet time with the Father. Jesus needed to get away from distractions to focus His attention on prayer, and so do we!The Prayer Journal from Our Daily Bread Ministries is designed to become your private space to jot down your petitions to God. When we quietly utter words in private times of prayer, sometimes those requests are forgotten. But when we take the time to journal our deepest concerns, we have a permanent record of our prayers and God’s answers.The Prayer Journal features a textured linen cover, two-hundred lined pages to keep track of your prayers, along with photos depicting the simple beauty of God’s creation in nature. Inspirational Bible verses are included throughout the journal to remind you of God’s promises, as well. This journal will become a treasured keepsake for many years to come.Request the Our Daily Bread Prayer Journal by filling out the form to the right. Or, to request this resource by mail, print the form and send it to:Discover the WordDept. RGrand Rapids, MI 49555